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Topic Based Curriculum


Our inspiring curriculum is organised around core themes. through these, cross curricular links are exploited enabling more authentic learning experiences across subject areas. The Themes for each term this academic year (2018/19) are below. Curriculum grids for each topic are uploaded onto the class pages at the start of each topic, click on titles to link to them.

Dundale Curriculum overview 2018-19



For more detailed information of the learning in each of these topics, please see the class pages by clicking titles of topics or click here to go to the Class Pages part of the website. Links will be added as topics start to allow for changes to be made in light of pupils' interests and assessment for learning.


Irresistible Curriculum

Our curriculum has been developed to offer all our children an exciting learning experience, based on an integrated, cross curricular approach. Teachers plan four to six topics for the year so that children become fully immersed in their learning and develop life- long learning skills.


Child-Centred Learning

We always encourage our children to reflect on what they have learnt. Our children contribute towards planning their learning. This starts at the beginning of topics taking into consideration their questions and interests and continues through the learning journey by inclusing them in decision making over how they will learn best.


Home School Partnership

Each child's parents and carers are their primary educators and we believe that learning at home forms the solid foundation on which to build school based learning. Children are expected to complete home learning every week including regular reading and maths practice. We encourage parents and carers to support their children with this while making links between learning at home and school.



Our children are given plenty of opportunities to go out on trips and to experience visitors at school. Pupils take regular part in sporting competitions across Tring and community events such as the annual apple fair and carnival.

Music is an important part of the school curriculum with weekly singing, specialist led sessions for all children and a thriving choir who regularly perform in and out of school. Pupils may also take advantage of learning a musical instrument with instrument teachers. 

Over the last 3 years, Dundale pupils have taken part in the Natural History Museum takeover, running the museum for a day; they have been involved in local radio station 'Mix 96' small talk programme, giving opinions on a range of topics for broadcast and taken part in local art and design competitions.


Phonics scheme

Dundale Primary School teaches phonics using our own system combining strengths from different programmes, based on the firm foundations and principals set out in the Letters and Sounds scheme details of which can be found here.

Characteristics of a Dundale Learner


Our learner agents are embedded across the curriculum to drive the development of character, learner identity and realise our school vision. They embody the ten characteristics identified by the school community. For more information on our vision and the learner agents click here.


At Dundale We are:



We adapt to change, learn from our mistakes and develop a belief in our ability to meet challenges


We are willing to try new things and put ourselves into new situations, taking measured risks and accepting failure as part of the process towards success. We are willing and able to speak up for what we believe in.


We engage actively with our learning inside and outside school. Through developing positive self-efficacy, we see the benefits of our efforts doing our best in every aspect of school life and beyond. We are ambitious and driven to achieve our goals.


We are happy to be ourselves and accepting of others religions, beliefs and opinions becoming increasingly broad minded. We can see things from different points of view and are comfortable to agree or disagree based on mutual respect.


We are kind, polite and supportive towards ourselves, others and the environment. We actively look for opportunities to contribute and realise the joy that comes from helping others.


We are articulate, sociable and listen attentively. We develop fluency in a range of languages including literacy and numeracy.


We develop a broad and deep understanding of the world around us across a range of subjects. We know the limits of our knowledge and are always open to learning more.


We nurture our enthusiasm for learning, looking for opportunities to extend our knowledge in school learning and in our own areas of interest. We ask and answer questions to deepen and broaden our understanding of the world around us.


We develop a sense of the truth and understanding of how different perspectives can coexist while maintaining the highest standards of personal integrity.


We are respectful of ourselves, others and our environment, developing an understanding of the impact of our actions, behaviours and choices on others.