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Visions and Values

Aims and Values

`Learning, exploring, reaching for success`

We see Dundale as an outstanding community school and a centre of excellence for citizenship and personalised learning. It is our vision to continue to raise further levels of achievement by developing the curriculum towards an empowering learning experience, where pupils are equipped with the thinking, social and learning skills needed for their future economic well-being.

It is essential for us all in the school and community to instil the values of community, achievement and enjoyment in our young children. We strive to provide the best opportunities for all the children in our school – academic, artistic, athletic, moral and spiritual. The school works closely with our partners at Orchard Children’s Centre to ensure that the youngest members of our community are ready to get the most out of school when they start.


British Values are embedded in the culture of the school and throughout all teaching and learning at Dundale.


  • Democracy - Our School Council representatives, House Captains and Learning Ambassadors are all elected annually by our pupils. Pupils' ideas and opinions are heard through our regular School Council meetings.
  • Rule of Law - Class rules are discussed and agreed upon by staff and pupils at the start of the school year. Our consistent approach to behaviour makes clear to all pupils the consequences of breaking class and school rules. The school enjoys regular visits from the our local community police officers as well as Year Five and Year Six hearing from local magistrates once a year.
  • Individual Liberty - All pupils are encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings and helped to reach their full potential by all our staff. Our newly established Pupil Learning Ambassadors work in partnership with our staff to make improvements which our children have recommended.
  • Mutual Respect - There is a strong ethos across the whole school of respect for each other. Staff are trained to listen carefully to all our children and children spend time every week in circle time learning to listen to each other. Our behaviour policy and Golden Rules makes clear the importance of mutual respect throughout the school community.
  • Tolerance of those of different Faiths and Beliefs - Our pupils learn about other religions and cultures and are taught to value and celebrate difference. Our equality scheme makes clear that discrimination is not tolerated on any grounds and our weekly whole school assemblies celebrate the differences that make our society and world a special place.