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Home Learning at Dundale

Dundale Home Learning Agreements


How Home Learning is managed in each Key Stage:



Link book for reading and communication home school including home learning tasks.


Link book for reading and communication home-school

Home learning book where Home learning is printed and stuck in


Link book for home school communication and  to register home reading

Home learning book where Home learning is printed and stuck in or copied into.


Quantity and frequency of Home Learning:


Key Stage

Average pieces of homework per week

Expected time per piece of homework




KS 1



L-KS2 (Y3&4)



U - KS2 (Y5&6)      




As well as this, we would expect to see pupils reading at home with parents/carers at least 3 times per week.



  • We don’t ‘push’ homework - when it is not completed - rather encourage and reward effort with house-points and praise

  • Homework at Dundale is:

    • Differentiated (could be open or by pupil choice)

    • Personalised

    • Time limited

    • consolidating prior learning and / or preparing for new learning 

  • Homework includes mathematics and spelling/phonics/grammar work every week in Key stage 2, and at least every other week in key stage 1

  • Homework is given regularly at the same times each week leaving a weekend and at least one weekday to complete it. Exceptions can be made at times of year when pupils are busy with other things (end of terms, national holidays etc.)



At Dundale we see home learning as an important way to consolidate, extend and prepare for learning in school by making connections with the home and community. Homework will be checked, but will not form part of assessment. The important thing is that it shows each child’s best efforts.



For a research based perspective (including a 2 minute clip from Radio 4s the educators with John Hattie) see: