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During the last term and a half, we have been developing the language for learning and character using our 4 learner agents who were voted on by the pupils last June. The time has now come to explore some more characteristics from our learner profile, and we would like to know what the parents and carers of Dundale think. Please click on the link below to choose the characteristics that you would like to see us developing next at school…

Vote for the next Learner Characteristic HERE

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Resilient: We adapt to change, learn from their mistakes and develop a belief in their ability to meet challenges 

Communicative: We are articulate, sociable and listen attentively. We develop fluency in a range of languages including literacy and numeracy.

Tolerant: We are happy to be ourselves and accepting of others religions, beliefs and opinions becoming increasingly broad minded. We can see things from different points of view and are comfortable to agree or disagree based on mutual respect.

Honest: We develop a sense of the truth and understanding of how different perspectives can coexist while maintaining the highest standards of personal integrity.

Caring: We are kind, polite and supportive towards ourselves, others and the environment. We actively look for opportunities to contribute and realise the joy that comes from helping others.

Respectful: We are respectful of ourselves, others and our environment, developing an understanding of the impact of our actions, behaviours and choices on others.

Vote for the next Learner Characteristic HERE