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Our Thoughts

"It is a big responsibility but you get to do something good for the school." Lucas B


"I have ideas which can help the school." Mia H


"I like being a boss (decision maker)." Sophie M


"I like making decisions about what the school can do to raise money" Gabriel


"I like speaking lots and sharing good ideas." Otis 



"I like being a School Councillor because we get to share ideas" Maisie Hal


"I like being part of School Council because it is fun to make suggestions" Caitlin T


"I like being in School Council because to help make the school a better place" Ella



"I liked to be part of the School Council so I can help raise money for charities." Jayden Year 5


"I like being part of the School Council beause I can raise money and it means people we raise money  for  can get to be happier" Kaleb Year 4


"I like being part of the School Council so I can help everyone improve our school" Ella Year 4


"I can help make the school better." Leela


"I like when we discuss and decide on what equipment we can buy." Ronnie


"We like finding things out about the school." Lily-Mae


"We like arranging fun events" John


"I like discussing what we think would be good for the school" Paul