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We hope you found the recent visit from the Cyber Prevent & Protect Officers from Hertfordshire Police informative and invaluable.


Hopefully you have:

• taken away some practical tips on how to protect you, your data, and your school from cyber-attacks online, be it a breach of your email, social media account through to phishing and social engineering attacks designed to manipulate you into clicking on a link or making a bad choice.

• gained a better understanding the Cyber Choices initiative and how it can help young people who may be vulnerable to becoming involved in cyber crime or have begun committing offences online.


The document above shows the resources used or referred to in the presentation, with more information on how and where to practice ethically and legally.


Advice, resources and opportunities for Parents, Guardians, Carers, and Individuals:

Computer Misuse Act (CMA) information leaflet

Maths Workshop 2020

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