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Vision and Values

"Learning, exploring, reaching for success"

Dundale Vision

Our vision is to be a school where all our children thrive, love learning and develop resilient foundations for success in life as positive members of society:


  • We are a diverse and inclusive community that truly values the vast unknowable potential and voice of each person.

  • We will actively work together in mutual respect for the happiness and wellbeing of the school community as a whole.

  • We have an engaging, irresistible curriculum that fosters deep learning of values, skills, concepts and powerful knowledge.


Key enablers:

  • Assessment that is transparent and serves each learner to know what they are capable of now and what to do to improve in future.

  • Promotion of active citizenship and dialogue

  • Coherent systems, policies and procedures in place to promote the development of values and learner characteristics

  • A growth-mindset culture across the community evident in language, systems and equal opportunities.

Dundale Learning Values


Our learning values were developed by teachers and pupils with the School Council determining the final definitions. 


We are Ambitious


At Dundale, we are proud of who we are and who we are growing to be. We aspire to succeed and are confident and courageous when facing challenges.


We are Reflective


At Dundale, we think deeply and carefully about our learning and behaviour journey: where we have come from and where we are going.


We are Inclusive


At Dundale, everyone is equal. Difference is valued and nurtured. We celebrate this by being kind, tolerant, and respectful of others.


We are Resilient


At Dundale, we are motivated to succeed, regardless of any difficulties we face.