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Visions and Values

`Learning, exploring, reaching for success`

 Dundale Vision

Our vision is to be a school where all our children thrive, love learning and develop resilient foundations for success in life as positive members of society:

  • We are a diverse and inclusive community that truly values the vast unknowable potential and voice of each person.

  • We will actively work together in mutual respect for the happiness and wellbeing of the school community as a whole.

  • We have an engaging, irresistible curriculum that fosters deep learning of values, skills, concepts and powerful knowledge.


Key enablers:

  • Assessment that is transparent and serves each learner to know what they are capable of now and what to do to improve in future.

  • Promotion of active citizenship and dialogue

  • Coherent systems, policies and procedures in place to promote the development of values and learner characteristics

  • A growth-mindset culture across the community evident in language, systems and equal opportunities.

Characteristics of a Dundale Learner


At Dundale We are:



We adapt to change, learn from our mistakes and develop a belief in our ability to meet challenges


We are willing to try new things and put ourselves into new situations, taking measured risks and accepting failure as part of the process towards success. We are willing and able to speak up for what we believe in.


We engage actively with our learning inside and outside school. Through developing positive self-efficacy, we see the benefits of our efforts doing our best in every aspect of school life and beyond. We are ambitious and driven to achieve our goals.


We are happy to be ourselves and accepting of others religions, beliefs and opinions becoming increasingly broad minded. We can see things from different points of view and are comfortable to agree or disagree based on mutual respect.


We are kind, polite and supportive towards ourselves, others and the environment. We actively look for opportunities to contribute and realise the joy that comes from helping others.


We are articulate, sociable and listen attentively. We develop fluency in a range of languages including literacy and numeracy.


We develop a broad and deep understanding of the world around us across a range of subjects. We know the limits of our knowledge and are always open to learning more.


We nurture our enthusiasm for learning, looking for opportunities to extend our knowledge in school learning and in our own areas of interest. We ask and answer questions to deepen and broaden our understanding of the world around us.


We develop a sense of the truth and understanding of how different perspectives can coexist while maintaining the highest standards of personal integrity.


We are respectful of ourselves, others and our environment, developing an understanding of the impact of our actions, behaviours and choices on others.

Our Learner 'Agents'. The Children have developed and voted on an 'Agent' for each learner characteristic.

Dundale School Prayer 2020-21

This Prayer was written by pupils across the school pooling their ideas in each class. It was edited by the school council of Autumn 2019.


A Prayer for Dundale- 2020-21
Let us always have peace in the class, help us to respect everyone and everything,
Help us show confidence and resilience, communicating with those around us in a respectful and caring way,
Let us have a sprinkle of laughter!
Help us to be curious and motivated in our learning leaves us wanting to find out more.
Let the life and light inside us be honest,
Thank you for our caring friends, working as a team, we can reach success,
May we always remember how amazing Dundale school is, being thankful for this intelligent school, which helps us learn more!