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Governors and Trustees

Dundale Primary School & Nursery is part of the Ridgeway Learning Partnership Multi-Academy Trust which is registered at Companies House with registration number 08056991 and its registered office is at Tring School, Mortimer Hill, Tring, HP23 5JD

Local Governing Body


The Local Governing Body consists of representatives from parents, staff and members co-opted from the local community.  Governing Board meetings are held each half term.


The Governing Body ensures the effective management of the school and promotes the well being of all in it by working in partnership with the Headteacher.


Headteacher:         Becky Ellis      
Co Opted:               Barbara Hamilton (Chair)

Co Opted:               Gill Budgell

Co Opted:               Richard Titley

Co Opted:               Rachelle Mesley

Co Opted:               Emma Leach

Parent:                     Joanne Blackham

Parent:                     Matthew Tavender

Staff:                         Miss Hannah Kohler

                                 Miss Laura Millar




Term of

office start date

Term of office finish date

Appointed by


Register of business interests/Any relationship to staff.

Barbara Hamilton



Co-Opted/Governing Body

Chair of Governors

Pupil Grandparent

Joanne Blackman



Parent Body

Pupil Premium

Pupil Parent

Becky Ellis01/09/2021 Governing BodyHeadteacherHeadteacher

Hannah Kohler





Governing Body

Staff Body


Deputy Headteacher

Gill Budgell



Co-Opted/Governing Body


Educational consultant, writer and publisher.

Richard Titley23/01/202022/01/2024Co-Opted/Governing BodySEND/Safeguarding

Deputy Headteacher at another school.

Matthew Tavender28/09/202027/09/2024Parent Body Pupil Parent
Rachelle Mesley11/02/202110/02/2025Co Opted/Governing Body  
Laura Millar23/09/202122/09/2025Staff Body Class Teacher
Emma Leach03/02/202203/02/2026Co Opted/Governing Body Assistant Headteacher at another school.


Governors no longer serving


Term of

office start date

Term of office finish date

Appointed by


Katy Crooks



Staff Body


Andrew Openshaw



Governing Body


Chris Nicholls



Governing Body


Hannah Kohler



Staff Body

Brenda Todd  Associate Member   
Simon King01/09/201531/08/2020Headteacher   

Sara Gould



Parent Body




Iain Hamiton01/06/201928/09/2020Governing Body   

Terence Wintle



Governing Body

Emma Taylor01/03/201931/08/2020Staff Body   
Sarah Winter01/09/202031/12/2020Headteacher   
Christine Hillman01/10/201610/09/2021Governing Body   
Christopher Leach28/09/202010/09/2021Governing Body   
Kate Courtney28/09/202008/12/2021Parent Body   

Paul Noel





LEA Governor

Additional Governor





Register of Attendance at Governing Body Meetings

Becky Ellis

Babara Hamiltonüüüü   
Paul Noelü üü   
Gill Budgellüüüü   
Richard Titley üüü   
Joanne Blackhamüüüü   
Hannah Kohlerüüüü   
Matthew Tavenderüüü    
Rachelle Mesley üüü   
Laura Millarüüüü   
Emma Leach   ü   

Becky Ellis

Babara Hamilton      
Gill Budgell      
Richard Titley      
Joanne Blackham      
Hannah Kohler      
Matthew Tavender      
Rachelle Mesley      
Laura Millar      
Emma Leach      



Sarah Winter

Babara Hamiltonüüüüüüü
Christine Hillmanüüüüüüü
Paul Noel üüü üü
Gill Budgellüüüüü ü
Richard Titleyüüü ü ü
Christopher Leach üüü üü
Joanne Blackhamüüü üüü
Kate Courtney üüü üü
Hannah Kohler  üüü ü
Matthew Tavender üüüüüü
Rachelle Mesley  üüü ü


Some of our Governors

Barbara Hamilton - Chair of Governors

Barbara Hamilton joined the board of Governors in November 2017 and became Chair in 2018. She is grandmother to three  pupils in the school. Now retired, Barbara worked previously for the Ministry of Justice and was a senior manager with a focus on the education and training of offenders in custody covering the South East Region. In this role she was involved with driving up performance, contract management and the offender learning journey for over 30 Prisons. 

Joanne Blackham

Joanne Blackham was appointed as a Parent Governor in October 2016. She has three children who attend Dundale School. She believes passionately that all children deserve the very best opportunities to be happy, healthy and achieve their highest potential.  Jo has a particular responsibility for overseeing the Pupil Premium provision in the school and is link governor for Year 1.

Gill Budgell

Gill Budgell joined Dundale Primary School and Nursery Governing Body in July 2019  following 6 years service at Tring School Governing Body as parent governor and then co-opted governor. She has special responsibility for Early Years and KS1 at Dundale which sits well with her interests and expertise. Gill has worked in education for over 40 years in various capacities: teacher, consultant, writer and publisher. She runs her own publishing services company which necessitates keeping abreast of key educational matters at local, national and often international levels. 

Call for School Governors

At Dundale Primary School and Nursery, we are currently looking to recruit a number of School Governors from the local community; people who do not have a direct connection to the school but are passionate about children’s education and willing to give their time, energy and skills to help lead Dundale.


Our vision is to be a school where all our children thrive, love learning and develop resilient foundations for success in life as positive members of society. We are a diverse, inclusive community that values the vast unknowable potential and voice of each person, actively works together for the happiness and well-being of the school community as a whole and aims to have an engaging, irresistible curriculum that fosters deep learning of values, skills, concepts and knowledge.


As Governors, we are responsible for ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction, holding the Headteacher to account for performance and overseeing the finances of the school. If you have a willingness to learn and to challenge with tact, an ability to assimilate information and make judgments that inform decisions, are able to work well as part of a team, respect confidentiality and above all, have an enthusiasm for children’s education that gives them the best start in life, we would love to hear from you.


Governors attend a minimum of 6 full governing Board meetings and 3 half day class visits per year, together with a number of school events and training sessions. We are particularly keen to hear from people with an educational, financial, business or leadership background, though welcome applications from all.


If you would like to find out more, please send an expression of interest to our Chair of Governors, Barbara Hamilton at or drop it into the School Office, outlining why you are interested in becoming a School Governor and the contribution that you believe you can make.  


We look forward to hearing from you!


The Governors at Dundale Primary School & Nursery