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Who's Who

Our School staff:



Headteacher Mrs Sarah Winter
Assistant Headteacher Miss Hannah Kohler
Inclusion Leader/Assistant Headteacher Mrs Tanya Garner-Veal
Inclusion Assistants Mrs Emma Pledge
  Mrs Emma Page
Office Manager Mrs Trudi Fryer
Office Administrator Mrs Sandra Clarke
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant Mrs Kerry Talbot
Caretaker Mr Dominic Veal
Nursery Teacher Mrs Jane Couzens
Nursery Support Staff

Mrs Karen Strand

Reception Teacher Mrs Cerrie Warwick
Reception Support Staff Mrs Sandra Morley

Mrs Suzie Whitehead

  Mrs Emma Page
Year 1 Teachers Mrs Lindsay Healey and Mrs Scarlett Peacock
Year 1 Support Staff Mrs Deb Keenan
Year 2 Teacher Mrs Joyce Miller
Year 2 Support Staff Mrs Deb Doughty
Year 3 Teacher Miss Lucy Ashby
Year 3 Support Staff Mrs Emma Pledge and  Miss Lisa Grinham
Year 4 Teacher Miss Ella Whitehead
Year 4 Support Staff Mrs Anne Bere
Year 5 Teachers Miss Hannah Kohler and Mrs Victoria Dickinson
Year 5 Support staff Miss Lisa Grinham
Year 6 Teacher Mrs Anne-Marie Russell
Year 6 Support Staff Mrs Collette Menezes
Music Teacher Mrs Kate McKenna